Covid-19 Policy

We are happy to announce Humm Recording Studios is reopening for business. In accordance with the government guidelines we are enacting changes to how we operate within the studio. 

Risk of Infection 

First & foremost, if a client has had symptoms of Covid-19 within 2 weeks of a booking,  this session can not go ahead & must be postponed. 


We ask that you please follow the government advance on travel, only use public transport  as a last resort. There is an ample sized car park at the studio to maintain social  distancing upon arrival. 

Social Distancing 

In order to limit contact & help maintain social distancing we are applying a maximum capacity to each room in the studio. 

The control room is limited to 4 people including the engineer. 

The live room is limited to 6 people. 

The vocal booth is limited to 1 person. 

The secondary production room - HummB is limited to 2 people including the engineer. 

While using the communal facilities, (kitchen & bathrooms), please continue to maintain social distancing. 


Hand sanitiser will be available, please make use of this whenever entering or leaving the studio. 

Please make sure to wash your hands before & after consuming any food. 

Take care to only prepare your own food & drinks, do not accept food or drink handled or prepared by anyone else.

Whilst in the studio please limit contact with any unnecessary equipment, this includes microphones & stands. Do not share instruments. You may be provided headphones for the session, make sure to only handle your own & not others. 

The studio is full of instruments available for your use, however please ask before handling  any of them, the engineer will need to keep track of every instrument used so they can be  sanitised at the end of the session. 

If you are a vocalist & you have access to your own pop shield please bring it to the  session. 

Door handles, work surfaces, the computer mouse & keyboard, outboard & the mixing  console will be sanitised daily. Any other equipment used, instruments, microphones, pop  shields, amps, etc, will be sanitised after every session in which they are used. 



There is no penalty for postponing a session due to concerns over symptoms or other  concerns due to the Corona Virus. However, our cancelation policy still stands, if you outright cancel a booking with 7 days of the dated booked, you forfeit the deposit.