Humm is a brand new recording studio located in central Bristol, run by the same team behind The Malthouse Recording Studio.


The space boasts a 45m2 live room with 3.5m high ceilings, a dedicated amp and vocal booth, and a 30m2 acoustically treated control room all designed by Tony James, associate member of the Institute of Acoustics.

We offer the use of our vast array of vintage amplifiers and instruments, alongside our selection of high-end microphones and outboard gear. Humm is an ideal space for creating your bands album, overdubbing some lead vocals, tracking huge drums in the live room or recording broadcast ready voiceovers for picture or podcasts in the fully treated booth.

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Dom Mitchison

Dom is an engineer, musician and producer who has worked with Spectres, Heavy Lungs, LICE, Wych Elm, Scalping, ManateesTara Clerkin TrioPet Shimmers & Edward Penfold.

He has also had tracks playlisted on BBC Radio 1 & BBC 6 Music.

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Hugo is an engineer, drummer and producer. Hugo started The Malthouse Studio with Dom in 2013 before opening Humm Studios in 2020. 


He has worked with artists such as Josie Blakelock, Oliver Wilde & Something Anorak.

connor Jones

Connor is a Composer and Producer hailing from London who has been recording music for 15 years.


He has experience producing in a variety of styles and his work has been heard internationally on radio and TV.





At Humm, we offer the use of our entire inventory of instruments, amplifiers and effects pedals. 

The studio features a large range of various acoustic and electric guitars from Fender, Gretsch, Simon & Patrick amongst others. 

We have 3 acoustic drum kits, including an 1980’s Premier, a modern Ludwig & a 1965
mahogany Boosey and Hawkes. We also have a range of percussion and oddities to hit.

Keys include a bunch of Casio’s, Juno 6, SH-101 and a vintage Hammond. Humm also features a wonderful 100 year old Collard & Collard upright piano.

We can produce a wide range of drum sounds in our large live room, with the aid of our custom made hanging acoustic ceiling panels. We can make your drums sound massive and roomy or tight and up-close, and anywhere in between. 

We also have a vocal booth/dead room for capturing dry, intimate vocal performances or guitar takes. 

The mic locker features a range of studio regulars from AKG, Coles, Sennheiser, Stam Audio, BeyerDynamic & AEA


We enjoy taking projects through from conception and pre production all the way through recording and mixing. We also offer a mixing service for tracks recorded elsewhere.


We can add spice to your home recordings by re-amping a guitar part through one of our vintage amplifiers including WEM, Marshall, Fender, Rivera, Burns, Vox to name a few. 


We can also make use of the various outboard and software plug-ins we have on offer. (UAD, Soundtoys etc…)

The studio runs Pro Tools and Logic Pro X and conversion is all handled by UAD Apollos.

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humm b

Tucked in next to the main studio is humm 'b', a small, treated production and mix room currently shared by resident producers Ben Johnson & Fraser Latimer.

Ben is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and engineer who has worked with bands such as Indigos, Robi Mitch and National Treasure.

Fraser is a recording engineer, technician and programmer. He started in the industry as assistant engineer at Real World Studios, working with many artists including Freya Ridings and Skindred.